Hydro Power Plants are the most clean and highly efficient renewable electric energy generation sources.

VAPTECH is a 100 year old European company with 80 years extensive experience in hydro power. VAPTECH provides complete plant design, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning whereas the scope includes main inlet valve, distributer, turbine, hydraulics, generator and digital control system.

SATRIA as the local partner of VAPTECH providing the balance of plant components such as transformers, MV-switchgear, protection system, low-voltage distribution, cables, emergency diesel and others.

Together we provide customer tailored complete turn-key solutions !


VAPTECH has its own in-house design and engineering team with experts and sophisticated design and simulation software UNIGRAPHICS NX. The complete engineering process is supported by the TEAMCENTER software. The mission is to focus on
  • the 3 main turbine types
    » PELTON for high hads and strong flow variation, with 1 – 6 injectors,
    » FRANCIS for medium range heads and flow
    » KAPLAN for low head and hig flow variation, with 3 – 6 runner blades, double regulated
  • Highest possible efficiency output
  • Highly reliable components with top quality with lowest possible tolerances
  • Providing the best technical and economical solution for each customer
SATRIA with its local engineering team and 2000 m2 shopfloor designs the balance of plant system with
  • highest possible local content to compliment the turn-key solution
  • to be the project management interface to customers
  • to be the first contact for services and maintenance


VAPTECH has appr. 40.000 m2 manufacturing facilities which are used to machine all required components in-house. This includes
  • Metal works such as flame cutting and bending
  • CNC machining
  • Welding and heat threatment
  • Surface treatment and painting
  • Assembly, inspection and functional testing
This gives the big advantage of
  • having complete control of the delivery time line
  • testing the pre-assembled equipment all together at once
  • minimize site installation time and risk


VAPTECH has successfully completed many projects around the world and is fully certified for
» Quality ISO 9001:2008
» Environment ISO 14001:2004
» Safety OHSAS 18001:2007

SATRIA has extensive experience with hydro refurbishment projects in Malaysia and Indonesia