We design, assemble, test and deliver power automation systems for utilities and IPPs. The core elements and products are of brand SPRECON from our European based principal partner SPRECHER AUTOMATION GmbH.

The system comprises sophisticated but very robust and higly reliable components.

Together with SPRECHER we provide turn-key solutions fo the power industry, specially for the sectors
  • MV- and HV substation automatio, from single RTU applications up to feeder automation or complete IEC 61850 integrated solutions
  • Smart Grid automation such as LBS control and FTUs for the MV utility network
  • Hydro Power Plant automation
  • Municipal utilities and industrial SCADA system for monitoring, control and automation of generation and distribution


Remote terminal units (RTU) or field terminal units (FTU) are designed for harsh environment, and to be install at the field side, close to primary equipment to guarantee autonomous functional areas
  • The SPRECON-E-C series is the high performance class controller for rough and harsh environment where endless durability is required
  • The SPRECON-E-T3 series is the compact DIN-rail mounted version of controllers
All field controllers provide
» wide range of signal interfacing, e.q. 24 – 220 Vdc, up to 2kW switching power
» comprehensive IEC-61131 logic control functions
» complete range of communication media support


We cover all all common technologies of communication system, from Local Area Networks (LAN) to Wide Area Networks (WAN) to connect all automation components to complete networks, including external electronic devices.
  • We are using standard industrial components with high performance and reliability
  • comprehensive functions for easy setup and configuration
  • strong security features directly embedded
  • support any media, like wired, wire-less, fiber optic, radio and mobile networks
All the SPRECON devices incorporate international and industrial protocols such as the IEC-60870-5 series, DNP, MODBUS and many more including the latest IEC 61850 object oriented protocol.


The HMI presents the process to the user and to provide the tools for monitoring and control for operators and maintenance engineers.

SPRECON-V460 provides acomprehensive range of functionalities from very small hand-held devices to large control center systems in redundant configuration.


The SPRECON-E Engineering Center provides comprehensive integrated tools such the HMI visualization editor, network designer, RTU component configurator, logic control editor, offline and online test and diagnostics and many more.