We design, manufacture, test and deliver Control and Protection systems for substations and power stations of all voltages levels, i.e. 11kV, 22kV, 33kV. 132kV and 275kV. Details are largely depending on the required functionality and size of the station and plant.
  • CRP Control & Relay Panels for different protection- and control schemes and various feeder types such as
    » Incoming & outgoing Lines
    » Transformers
    » Busbars & Bus-Coupler
    » Sectionalizers
    » Supervisory Interface Panels
    » Marshalling Panels

  • CRP panels with very compact design for narrow space in containerized Mobile Substations
  • RTCC Remote tap change control specially designed for power transformer paralleling
  • RCB Remote Control Box, for remote supervisory operation of RMU / VCB
  • ARC Arc protection master control panel for MV substations
  • MPE revenue metering panels for billing purpose


We have highly standardized our design process with PROMIS-E including comprehensive templates and libraries for all the required devices, modules, objects and features. The design will typically include the following drawings and documents:
  • Conceptual drawings like overview, general arrangement, AC and DC distribution, control and protection logics, panel fabrication drawings and assembly drawings
  • Schematic diagrams like wiring schedule, device schedule, cable schedule, block diagram, cross references and bill of material
  • AC and DC load calculations
  • CT and VT Calculations
  • Inspection and test plan (ITP) for each panel type;
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual (if and when required)
Our engineers carefully select required components from reputable suppliers with proven delivery- and quality record. This includes protection relays, trip relays, auxiliary relays, contactors, instruments, indicators and lamps, push-buttons, switches, terminals and many other parts.


Our production team manufactures based on customer approved drawings. Panel enclosures of various types and sizes are customized and selected during the design stage and typically includes the following features:
  • indoor type and outdoor type
  • wall mounted, free standing, complete panel row
  • ingress protection rating from IP23, IP41, up to IP55
  • access door at the front, back, side or 2-side, optional with Plexiglas
  • installation of components on back-plane, optional with swing-frame
  • cable entry from bottom or top with cable glands according IP requirements
  • conventional convection cooling, forced fan cooling with filter or air-conditioned module


Our inspection and test procedures (ITP) are carefully designed to proof the required design, quantities, functionalities and quality of the final product. Tests are performed based on customer approved drawings. Internal tests are 100% full-tests.